MoJCA Criminal Registry


As part of its work with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, IRLI identified the need to organise the criminal registry. IRLI found that in order to increase work efficiency a case management system is required in the Ministry. This nationwide wide system is something that the EU Democratic Governance Programme is currently working on implementing. As an interim step, IRLI engaged with the paralegals and clerical officers based in the criminal registry in Lilongwe to organise the registry. This work will aid any future implementation of a case management system.

The main focus of IRLI was to build capacity. IRLI together with the paralegals and clerical officer have spent over two months organising the registry. Thanks to the support of senior officers in the Ministry of Justice IRLI was able to work hand in hand with its Ministry of Justice colleagues. Through this capacity building files are now organised by offence, district, year and region.

The benefit of taking this hands on approach means that the staff of the criminal registry have added to the new filing structure and are now trained on how this structure should continue into the future. Taking a combined approach in this manner allows everyone’s input to be incorporated. It also helps instil a best practice and hard work ethic approach to file management which will assist the implementation of future automatic management systems.

IRLI would like to express it thanks to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the staff of the criminal registry and also to the many other officers that supported and welcomed this work. This work has been enjoyable and the participation of all staff is very much appreciation. We look forward to continuing to work together in this manner.


By Sonya Donnelly, Malawi

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