Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)

IRLI seconds a Programme Lawyer to the DPP. This lawyer is based at the Ministry of Justice in Lilongwe and works alongside Malawi State advocates and paralegals.


Programme Lawyer Maya Linstrum-Newman, with DPP State Advocates, outside the Ministry of Justice in Lilongwe, February 2018. Photo Credit: Maya Linstrum-Newman

Through this secondment, IRLI works to support the DPP to improve its efficiency and ensure effective case management, particularly in expediting access to justice for individuals who may have been held on remand for many years without their case being resolved.

In conjunction with the DPP, IRLI also coordinates a Homicides Working Group, comprised of DPP State Advocates, Legal Aid Advocates, the Judiciary, the Malawi Prison Service and court staff, in order to address the backlog in homicide cases.

IRLI also supports the DPP to trace witnesses in historical homicide cases and provides training to DPP paralegals on key legal concepts and procedures, with the goal of reducing the time taken by the State to bring a case to trial.

Finally, IRLI works with State Advocates and paralegals to record the outcome of homicide trials, making the Central Region the first region in Malawi to record comprehensive statistics relating to the prosecution of homicide trials. This work contributes to key policy decisions in Malawi.