Director of Public Prosecutions

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Programme Lawyer

The Programme Lawyer in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is based directly in the Ministry of Justice in the office of the DPP in Lilongwe, working alongside Malawi State advocates and paralegals.

The lawyer in this role undertakes a wide variety of work, including:Crim Reg Ppl

  • delivering activities to strengthen the capacity of the DPP paralegals;
  • improving case management systems;
  • reviewing homicide files;
  • providing legal opinions;
  • liaising with the Malawi Police Service Programme Lawyer to provide assistance with outstanding homicide or sexual offence matters;
  • supporting efforts to improve office management within the DPP.

In an under-resourced office like that of the DPP, this work is vital, particularly in expediting access to justice for individuals who may have been held on remand for many years without their case being resolved.