Judiciary Programme Lawyer

The role of Programme Lawyer with the judiciary is the newest PL role on the Access to Justice Programme, and was developed through relationships with the Malawi judiciary at High Court and magistrate level.

The IMG-20170602-WA0005judiciary Programme Lawyer undertakes activities to strengthen the capacity of magistrates.

This involves organising a programme of targeted and interactive workshops and training sessions for magistrates from within Lilongwe and rural areas throughout the Central Region, along with mentoring visits conducted to courts within the Central Region. The PL also attends at magistrates’ courts to monitor and evaluate the implementation of such trainings.

The Judiciary PL assists in the processing of homicide cases and lower grade charged cases (at magistrate level), works with colleagues within the court’s administration to improve case management systems, works with the judiciary to develop training programmes, and works to improve access to legal provisions and caselaw for judges and magistrates.