Legal Aid Bureau

Legal Aid Bureau Programme Lawyer

The Legal Aid Bureau Programme Lawyer undertakes activities to reinforce the capacity of the LAB by:

  • facilitating and organising training events
  • mentoring paralegal staff
  • reviewing court applications
  • tracking the progression of cases

The Programme Lawyer also supports the Legal Aid Bureau to carry out legal aid clinics in prisons in the Central Region of Malawi. The purpose is to provide legal aid to detainees in these prisons. IRLI holds the clinics with legal aid advocates and paralegals, and on certain occasions with PASI (Paralegal Advisory Service) paralegals.


They also work together with the Programme Officer to organise monthly camp courts and quarterly Community Sensitisation workshops.

  • Camp courts: The Magistrate travels to the prison in order to circumvent the limited resources which prevent a prisoner from being transported to a formal courtroom. The Magistrate will address the cases of those on remand that have overstayed, are held unlawfully or have been granted bail but cannot afford the terms set by the court.
  • Community Sensitisation workshops: The Legal Aid Bureau Programme Lawyer also works to delivera community sensitisation programme which aims to inform the targeted community about:
    • the criminal justice system;
    • the role of the police;
    • the rights of the accused, including bail; and
    • the rights of the child, highlighting diversion as an alternative to custodial sentences.