Malawi Police Service (MPS)

IRLI seconds a Programme Lawyer to the Malawi Police Service (MPS) based directly in the Victim Support Unit of Lilongwe Police Station.

Programme Lawyer, Tyler Holmes, reviewing the Cell Log Book in Lilongwe Police Station, February 2019. Photo Credit: Jolene Quinn

The MPS Programme Lawyer is responsible for managing a training programme  for police officers across the Central Region on various topics relating to child protection, child diversion and human rights.

The MPS Programme Lawyer also conducts cell visits to monitor cell conditions and the amount of time accused persons are being kept in cells before being brought to court (to ensure that their constitutional rights are being complied with).

The MPS Programme Lawyer also supports  IRLI’s Diversion Programme for children who have come into conflict with the law, working with our Alternative Justice Programme Officer to ensure its success.