Who We Are

Irish Rule of Law International is a project-oriented, non-profit organisation established by the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar of Ireland in 2007. In 2015, IRLI was joined by the Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Bar of Northern Ireland in the support and promotion of IRLI’s rule of law projects.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Clarke, Chief Justice, is IRLI’s patron.

IRLI is governed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar of Ireland. To ensure adequate growth management, in 2015 the Board has expanded to include a number of other relevant experts such as in International Development, Access to Justice, Business and Marketing.

IRLI has Executive staff operating from its Head Quarter in Dublin: an Executive Director, an Operations Officer and a Programme Coordinator.

IRLI project-base work is carried out through a wide range of Pro-bono Legal Experts and Programme Lawyers either remotely or in-country. In Malawi, where IRLI carries out its largest programme on Access to Justice, a total of six Programme Lawyers support the programme for a minimum period of 12 months.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Hon. Mr. Justice David Barniville

Company Secretary

Anna Hickey Solicitor


Members of the Board of Directors

Brian Storan Barrister-at-Law

Cillian MacDomhnaill Director of Finance, The Law Society

Eithne Lynch Solicitor, Public Interest Law Alliance

Gerry McAlinden QCBarrister-at-Law

John Shaw Solicitor, Former President of the Law Society

Mary Keane Deputy Director General of the Law Society

Mary Jennings Consultant, International Development

Michael Carrigan Solicitor

Michael Collins SC, Former Chairman of the Bar Council

Michael Irvine Solicitor, Former President of the Law Society

Noel Lourdes Consultant, Business and Finance

Norville Connolly Solicitor, Former President of the Law Society NI

Rachel Power Solicitor, Public Interest Law Alliance

Simon Murphy Solicitor, Former President of the Law Society of Ireland


IRLI Executive Director

Vanina Trojan

IRLI Operations Officer

Cáitlín Molloy

IRLI Programme Coordinator

Louise O’Connor (Code Champion)


IRLI Malawi Programme on Access to Justice

Programme Manager: Francis Flood

Programme Lawyer – Legal Aid Bureau: Macdara O Drisceoil 

Programme Lawyer – Malawi Police Services: Tyler Holmes

Programme Lawyer – DPP: Maya Linstrum-Newman

Programme Lawyer – Judiciary:

Alternative Justice Programme Officer: Jolene Quinn