Legal Education Programme Vietnam in its Second Year

Second Year of Vietnam Legal Education Partnership In April 2013, IRLI worked with Freda Grealy (Diploma Manager, Law Society of Ireland) to lead a team of volunteer Irish lawyers, including Sean O’Reilly (Sean T. O’Reilly & Co. Solicitors) and barrister Sonya Donnelly (former IRLI programme lawyer in Malawi) to undertake a one week self-funded pilot […]

A Whistle-stop CLE Tour of Vietnam

Saturday flight with my companion for the week, Freda Grealy, after many weeks of preparation.  No sleep and almost missed the flight in Kuala Lumpur.  Arrived Sunday evening in Hanoi.  Oh but it had changed since my last visit in 1994: cars and Westerners abound. Dinner by the banks of the lake with Bruce Lasky […]