Maula Musings…The Problem with Bail

Today in Maula prison there are 489 people awaiting trial, of those there are approx 200 people being held in unlawful detention as their warrants have expired and the pre-trial detention limits have not been adhered to. 63 of those have been in prison since before 2010 having never been to Court (some since 2005). […]

UN Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid

Due to an ever increasing workload in the aftermath of Judicial Strike we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately but Ruth Dowling is back today with an excellent article on the new UN Principles and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System. On 27th April 2012 the 21st session […]

Pre-Trial Detention and Legal Aid in Malawi

Later this week I will be leaving these fair shores to spend a year in Malawi working on an access to justice and prison reform project with Irish Rule of Law International, a non-profit rule of law charity established by the Law Society and Bar Council. Myself and my two colleagues, barrister Ruth Dowling and […]