Frontline Defenders: Ralph Kasambara coverage

Front Line Defenders issued an urgent appeal on the 15th  February 2012 stating that they: …believe(s) that the attempted attack against Ralph Kasambara is directly related to his work as a human rights lawyer and his support to civil society organisations. We express deep concern at the attempted raid on his offices and the fact […]

Judicial Strike: State v President of the Republic of Malawi

For those who have an interest in the ongoing Judicial Strike, here is the judgment from the 2006 Constitutional case which upheld the Applicants case that once the Malawian National Assembly had determined the terms and conditions of service of the judiciary it became the duty of the executive to implement such determination. Topically Mr […]

Former Malawian Attorney General Held in Police Custody

On Monday 13th February outspoken lawyer Ralph Kasambara was arrested in Blantyre for allegedly assaulting a number of men. He in turn claims that men arrived at his  legal office, Ralph & Arnold, with the intent to kill him by burning down the office and that he was merely acting in self defence.  Mr Kasambara […]