Training Lilongwe Police Officers (Saturday)

Participants at Saturdays Training Session

On the 3rd and 4th of February the Irish Rule of Law International, Malawi ran two training sessions at the Lilongwe District Assembly for police officers from Lilongwe Police Station in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Police Headquarters, Lilongwe. This training session was made possible through the valued assistance of Mr. Pacharo Kayira, Senior Deputy Chief State Advocate in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Mr. Happy Mkandawire, Officer in Charge Prosecutions and Legal Services, National Police Headquarters. Mr Kayira and Sam Mbweza from the D.P.Ps office delivered the training in conjunction with Carolann Minnock from IRLI.


The aim of the training session was to develop a common understanding among all police officers of all the processes that are involved in diversion.


Workshop participants should now be able to:

  • Understand the concept of restorative justice and specifically diversion
  • Implement a basic version of diversion in their police station
  • Understand the relevant information that should be taken into account in assessing for diversion
  • Have increased their knowledge of new legislation

In total 38 police officers completed the training event (26 male & 12 female) ranging in rank from S/Superintendant in charge of prosecutions in the central region down to police constables.

By Sonya Donnelly BL, lawyer with Malawi project

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